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General Information

General Information

D6 Communicator and Newsletter
All information regarding Academics, Sporting and Cultural Activities in the school are placed on the D6 to keep the parents informed.

You can download the D6 communicator by clicking on the link below:

The front office sends out a newsletter weekly informing the parents of all the information they need to know for the week to come. We do not send this out in paper form but rather loaded onto our D6 Communicator

School Uniform
All uniforms are available from:

Heathers Schoolwear: 031 266 6262
Gems Schoolwear: 031 303 78678

If you have any questions regarding the uniform, please do not hesitate to contact the front office.


Parents Visits
All visits by parents to school to see educators must be by appointments through the front office or the homework diary. All visitors need to come through the front office at all times. Visitors badge will be handed to parents for interviews with teachers. Visitors are to sign the visitors book.

We do not have a sick room at our school, therefore if the children are not well we call parents to collect them – An ID or Drivers License is required when collecting their child.